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How do you determine what Writing Level someone is?

We use this methodology to determine your classification: Child – Someone who is under the age of 18 Beginner – Someone who has only written recreationally, has no formal writing education and has not been published in any media form. Intermediate – Someone who writes regularly, may have had a formal education, but has not sold their published work in any form of mass media. Near Professional – Someone who has been published in some form of mass media. May have a formal degree in writing or be an educator of the Fine Arts. Professional – Someone who has, at least in part, successfully made an income from their published works. Novelist – Someone who makes a living by selling their published works.


What does the "S, G, P, or D" next to someones name in the Author Section mean?

We have created Designations for our Authors to recognize their efforts. Diamond, Platinum, Gold or Silver Shield are based on a point system that takes into account the number of Chapters submitted, their writing level, how many Chapters of others that they have written into as well as the number of books that have been sold. Merchandise rewards will be awarded periodically based on these Author Levels.


How many words do I have to write for a chapter?

For Intermediate, Near Professional & Professional levels the word count should be 3,000 words +/-10%, they may have one piece of artwork (optional) and should be between 24 and 45 chapters. Beginner should be between 1,500-3,000 words +/-10% , they may have one piece of artwork (optional) and should be between 24 and 45 chapters. Children writing (under 18) should be between 50-5 words per page and a piece of art should accompany each page and must be written with parental consent. Intermediate to Professional category chapters have a minimum of 3,000 per chapter. Short Stories are between 850-1,500 words and do not have between 24-50 chapters (but each chapter may be it’s own story) and will be published as a compilation effort.


How do you define the genres?

ACTION - The action genre is a class of creative works characterized by more emphasis on exciting action sequences than on character development or story-telling. CHRISTIAN - Books in this category are writings that deal with Christian themes and incorporates the Christian world view. COOKBOOKS - This is a collection of recipes submitted by users related to the general theme outlined by the starter of the book. FANTASY - Is a genre of fiction that commonly uses magic and other supernatural phenomena as a primary element of plot, theme, or setting. FICTION - The Fiction genre tends to be written and read primarily for entertainment. While it actually encompasses categories such as mystery, science fiction, fantasy, romance, western, and horror, on our site it is a “catch-all” for books you are not sure of the proper classification. MATURE - This category will hold all writings that are not appropriate for younger readers based on mild language, violence or adult situations. MYSTERY - This genre technically involving stories in which characters try to discover a vital piece of information which is kept hidden until the climax, typically at the end of the book. NON-FICTION - This category is in the form of any account, narrative, or other communicative work whose assertions and descriptions are understood to be fact. NOVEL - These are books written that exceed the 3,000 word goal of Intermediate, Near Professional and Professional writings. They have no word limit per chapter and no chapter limit per book, but are normally written by professional writers and are highly scrutinized writings. ROMANCE - Defined as the majority of which feature the mutual attraction and love of a man and a woman as the main plot, and have a happy ending. SCIENCE FICTION - Sci-Fi includes extrapolated or theoretical future science and technology as a major component, and is often set on other planets, in outer space, or on a future version of Earth. YOUNG ADULT - These will be tales written by authors to appeal to an audience from about twelve to eighteen years of age. CHILDREN - There are two genres in this section, books written BY ADULTS FOR CHILDREN (when logged in as an adult level) or books written BY CHILDREN (when logged in as a Child level with parental consent).


How do I go about "saving" a later chapter in a book for myself?

When you're logged in, click on Read Books in Progress, select the genre and level or type in the name of the book. Click the Chapter Request box and it will bring up a section to pick the chapter you want to write, then click Send. It will "freeze" that chapter and you'll receive an email when the previous chapter is completed. If you change your mind about writing that particular chapter later, you can "unfreeze" the chapter by logging in and click the button titled Unfreeze Chapters on the Home page.


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