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welcome to chainbooks...


chainbooks is a site dedicated to bringing authors of all skill levels and experience together within a social network with the goal of writing short chapter at a time


The concept of chainbooks is simply to finish what was started before you. Create an account, log in and select your favorite genre, your writing level, and where in the book you would like to work. There are virtually hundreds of books that contain a first chapter written by one of our approved authors in which you may work. For each book we will have an overall plot and a list of main and sub characters to help you. Each of the chapters have a minimum and maximum number of words (typically a maximum of 3,000) and a timeframe for submission (5 days maximum after you agree to write in the book). While you may only write one chapter in each book, you may write in as many books at one time as you like. Additionally, though there are guidelines to follow, our staff will never alter the twists and turns that happen in each book as various writers add their ideas. If you are an artist, you may read the chapters to submit a piece of art for every chapter or even the front or back cover. When the book reaches a certain number of chapters, it is completed. Finally, everyone is notified and all contributors can order a quality paperback copy personally, or for friends and family.

  • Create a free Account
  • Select your Genre
  • Pick a Writing Level
  • Choose a level of completion where you want to contribute writing
  • Read the available books
  • Select one and agree to write in that particular book
  • Join the fun of writing and submit your work
  • Then... check back often and read what is happening in your book
  • When it is all completed, each contributor will receive a notice that the book is completed and ready for you to purchase the paperback copy that you just helped to author!

In addition, there is a special practice page where writers may upload their work and invite advice from friends and family via email notification. Also, there is a blog at to keep up with the newest information and to read what our authors, writers and friends have to say. Create a free account and start joining in on the fun of becoming a published author today!

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